IBEX CAPITAL Ltd specializes on wealth management services for High Net Wealth Individuals. Particular attention is dedicated to clients’ needs and their risk-return expectations. As a side-activity, and under the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), IBEX CAPITAL Ltd also provides escrow services


A discretionary asset management mandate is the solution for any investor wishing to delegate his investment decisions. Once client’s risk tolerance, risk sustainability, and investment objectives are analyzed and defined, financial assets are booked with the client’s depository bank and managed in full independence. At IBEX CAPITAL Ltd we manage client’s assets proactively and dynamically in accordance with one of the following investment strategies selected by the client: (∙) non risk-averse, (∙) neutral or (∙) risk-averse. Under the provisions of a discretionary asset management mandate, we do get in touch with the client only in accordance with his preferences, defined within the discretionary asset management mandate agreement, but not when each and every investment decision is made. Updates and reports shall be available to the client at any time and delivered automatically in accordance with his wishes.


An advisory mandate differs from a discretionary asset management mandate under the perspective of the interaction between the client and IBEX CAPITAL Ltd. While under the terms of a discretionary asset management mandate agreement client’s financial assets are managed directly and independently by us, under an advisory mandate agreement we will merely provide investment proposals (or “advices”) to the client. The client himself will then independently define if the investments tactics and/or products proposed by us do fit into the managed portfolio. As for any discretionary asset management mandate, in order to delivering tailored advisory services and proposing investment and tactical asset allocation alternatives in line with the client’s needs, also any advisory mandate process starts with an analysis of objectives, risk tolerance, and risk sustainability. Advisory mandate agreements are negotiated with selected corporate clients only.

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So called “escrow services” generally refer to financial assets held by a third-party on behalf of two (or more) transacting parties. The—so called—“escrow agent” has the duty to properly account for the escrow funds and ensure that these are transferred once, and only when, the conditions defined within the escrow agreement are fulfilled. Escrow services are very common at the—so called—“closing stage” in the purchase of any company’s stock. At IBEX CAPITAL Ltd we do provide escrow services during a procedure of merger and/or acquisition involving two (or more) counterparts. Thus, the escrow agreement usually is signed by three Parties (at least). Within the jurisdiction of the Swiss Confederation escrow services are regulated and performed under the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). The Anti-Money Laundering Control Authority (MLCA) supervises all financial intermediaries providing escrow services.


In the light of the very substantial values involved in real estate transactions, escrow services are also typical at the closing stage. As it is the case for M&A-transactions, the involvement of a—so called—"independent third party” is the only way to finalize (or “close”) the majority of the deals. In real estate transaction this role of "independent third party” is commonly interpreted by natural persons usually providing Notarial services. Though, in contrast to a widespread belief, escrow services provided by private persons also authorised to provide Notarial services are not covered by any governmental warranty. Escrow services of any kind are—in fact—provided besides the functions as “State Official”. This is where IBEX CAPITAL Ltd comes into play, acting as a regulated financial services provider, and transferring financial assets once, and only when, all conditions—set within the escrow services agreement—are fulfilled.

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